Lotus (GGC-x57)
Lotus (GGC-x57)
Gannett Glass Color

Lotus (GGC-x57)

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Lotus is a beautiful CFL-reactive color that shifts from a transparent plum-bronze in daylight or LED to a burgundy magenta pink under CFL or florescent bulbs. Lotus is made by blending "Rose Gold/Rosewood" with our striking opal "Jellybean."

All variants of Lotus are easy to work and can be used in any flame setting. Color ranges from transparent to milky/opalescent - the "milkier" a color is in the rod the more opal effect you will see when working it in the flame. You can grow the opal effect by flame striking with a cool flame (it will not kiln strike.) 

Pounds are separated by batch, grade, and opacity - Seconds are a mix of opal and transparent rods. 


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