Honeybutter (GGC-59) Tube
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Honeybutter (GGC-59) Tube

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Honeybutter is a silver based striking color with a light reactivity, perfect for flame or kiln striking. Honeybutter starts off clear in tubing form and slowly strikes to a warm yellow with fumey blues. Using an oxidizing flame will create more warm yellows and blues while a reducing flame will create buttery yellows and whites. Repeated cycles of heating and cooling in the flame will strike the color further. 

Honeybutter can be struck in the kiln to best develop color - work pieces in a hot oxidizing flame, then strike in the kiln at 1050-1100 to create deep warm yellows throughout. Honeybutter is purposefully designed to strike slowly so that you can monitor the strike and let it grow to the shade you desire. 

Currently available in tubing and knuckles.

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