Clear-Encased Jellybean Tube (GGC-47)
Clear-Encased Jellybean Tube (GGC-47)
Gannett Glass Color

Clear-Encased Jellybean Tube (GGC-47)

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Our popular CFL-shifting color Jellybean is now available as clear-encased tubing! Jellybean is a heavily saturated striking opal so expect plenty of milky opal strike and vibrant color with more transparency than our unencased version. Versatile and easy to work in all flame types Jellybean is sure to be a favorite in your color palette!

Here's our description for standard Jellybean for more working info:

Jellybean is a new striking opal color that shifts from a bright violet in daylight/LED lighting to transparent opal blue under CFL's. Jellybean is a striking opal color which means it will develop a milky opalescence when struck in the flame. The opalescent strike can be brought out by heating the glass to a light orange glow then allowing it to cool to non-glowing before reheating once again - repeating these steps will grow a milky opalescence in the glass. Kiln striking will not bring out any opal effects. Imploding/encasing Jellybean can also bring out more of the milky strike.  

Jellybean is soft working when hot and is easily sculpted. Jellybean may show surface texture on some tubes but will melt smooth when worked in the flame. 


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