Bonanza (GGC-X14) - Tube
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Bonanza (GGC-X14) - Tube

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Bonanza is a dark grey heavy sparkle that works well in stringers and looks great encased, amplifying the metallic glittery sparkle. The densest of our recent non-chromium sparkles. These rods can be shocky when first applied to the flame so pre-heating is recommended. Heat gradually at first until up to working temp, then a more aggressive flame can be applied. There may be occasional white residue on the surface of rods - this is easily cleaned off or burned off in the flame.

Bonanza is a non-chromium sparkle color meaning that it is not generally susceptible to "checking" issues commonly associated with chromium aventurines. High kiln temps (like striking cycles) and repeated kiln cycles have not shown to cause any checking or incompatibility when encased throughout our testing of Bonanza. Although we have tested and found that it is very unlikely to encounter checking problems when encased we cannot account for every scenario and recommend individual testing of this color if attempting a highly complex or stressful piece. 

(Note - all of our rod and tubes are hand pulled so please expect some slight variances in diameter between each individual piece. For more on our quality control and grading please see our "Quality Control" page. Although we cannot guarantee a particular size we encourage you to include your preferred diameter when placing tubing orders.) 

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