Black Wax V.1
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Black Wax V.1

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Black Wax is a unique blend of special waxes and hardwood ash designed specifically with the lampworker in mind. Black Wax has several advantages over regular beeswax:

  • Hard wax base means wax won't burn off tools as quickly - equivalent amount lasts longer than regular beeswax

  • Once wax burns off, a layer of carbon soot is left behind - further protecting your tools from sticking to hot glass

  • Provides excellent glide when used on brass or steel tools
  • Perfect for hand-forming joints with joint-forming tools - also works great on glass joints for final fitting

  • Black color provides easy indication of when tools need to be re-waxed

  • Excess carbon can be burned out in the kiln at regular garage temp (1050f)

    Black Wax is sold in 1.5 oz pucks with free shipping included (for USA orders only - Canadian orders billed $5-7 shipping)

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