Quality Control

Each one of our hand-pulled rods and tubes are individually looked over and inspected for flaws before being sorted and graded based on practical working qualities:

  • First Quality: Excellent glass that is near perfect. Even walls and shape, little tapering, and consistent throughout. The highest quality glass that we offer. 

  • Odd Quality: This is fantastic high-quality glass that is simply an odd shape or has an odd texture/surface flaw that will melt clean the same as "First Quality." Our best quality "discount" glass.

  • Second Quality: This is good glass that has some minor flaws that may need to be addressed while working - flaws can be kiln/chemical stones, air lines, uneven wall thickness (tubing), or other imperfections. Although lesser quality than other glass we sell, our Second Quality is still very usable and a great choice for artists on a budget.

It is highly recommended to garage all tubing and thick rod (regardless of grade) in the kiln (950-1100f) until an even heat base has been achieved before placing into the flame to prevent thermal shock.

Consult individual color labels for the specific working instructions of that color.