About us:

Gannett Glass Color was founded in early 2016 by Nick Martinson & Katie Dineen with the goal of providing the lampworking community with unique and exciting borosilicate colors. Nick developed a small palette and was soon joined by Katie full-time, together pulling those colors into rod and tubing by hand. All Gannett Glass colors are created in crucible furnaces with exclusive recipes using the highest quality clear base for excellent working characteristics in the flame. Gannett glass is made with care in small batches under strict quality standards.
The team is small and friendly - Nick and Katie handle all the furnace work, sales, and shipping. 

We are located in lovely rural Iowa near Omaha, NE and the Missouri border. If you have any questions, comments, or would just like to chat about our glass please contact us by phone at (308-289-1849), Instagram (@gannettglasscolor), Facebook (@Gannett Glass Color), or email: gannettglass@gmail.com 

(Please note - our shop is not open to public visitors at this time.)
Thank you!