Blue Medusa (GGC-009) Knuckles
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Blue Medusa (GGC-009) Knuckles

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Blue Medusa (GGC-009) is a CFL reactive transparent color that appears aqua blue in sunlight and emerald green under LED (5000k, pictured), then shifts to a rich transparent purple in CFL lighting (2700k, pictured.) Blue Medusa does not strike and is not particularly flame sensitive, but for best results use a gentle flame to warm the color up. This color contains a small amount of micro air bubbles throughout the glass but do not impair the brilliant visual qualities of this color. For the strongest color-shifting reactivity apply thick layers in either solid or hollow work. Try pairing Blue Medusa with our other reactive tones for unique color shifting combinations! 

(Knuckles are the "top" end of a tubing pull and consist of a thick gather of color attached to a small piece of clear tubing. Knuckles are typically pulled down into smaller sections of tubing on the torch. Tails are the "bottom" end of a tubing pull and consist of a mostly solid section of color that is occasionally open on one end.)

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